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What is a ballistic face mask

The only problem is, being a noob, I know absolutely nothing about it. 12. 67% Upvoted. Not only is this face mask professionally painted and sealed to last and hold up to hard use in the field, but its construction reflects the same high quality principles of thermal compressed PE Level 3A ballistics, impact resistant screws, metal buckles and high strength Nylon webbing that is fully adjustable. 0. Ownership of this Ballistic face mask will include envy of all that come into contact with this piece of armor. 12 comments. Thanks to him, the mask withstands high humidity and Ballistic face mask: lt;p|>A |ballistic face mask|, also known as |facial armor|, is a type of |personal armor| design World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most definitive collection ever assembled. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel!. Produce equipment from special material, covered with a special composition. The Ballistic Face Mask is the 11th head armor available and is unlocked at level 10. Knowing that these things are rather pricey, I immediately bought it. 0 Update, it costed 90. The product is not afraid of most caliber bullets from nine to twelve millimeters. The ballistic mask is a cosmetic item that is equipped in the mask slot. The Ballistic Mask snaps directly onto our Tactical Helmet so you can pose your minifigs engaging in a mini-shootout or avoiding simulated explosive rounds on the battlefield. . Before the Respawnables 3. 2010 · Hey guys, I'm a complete noob when it comes to body armor, so please pardon anything stupid I might ask. share. The mask does not provide any protection against damage to the face. Sort by. It gives you a 5% health boost. What about a ballistic face mask? Suggestion. The mask can withstand sniper rifles from OSV-96 from a distance of five hundred meters. The Ballistic Mask is a mask in BATTLEGROUNDS. Don't know if it's already planned, but would be nice to see a ballistic face mask added into the game. This item can be found in the Wanderer Crate or you can buy it on the Steam Marketplace. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Neue PE Ballistic Bullet Proof Gesichtsmaske Panzerwesten NIJ Level IIIA 3A HOT bei eBay. It depends on the conductive properties of the face mask, and whether the material construction of the mask would allow the projectiles to either penetrate or gain purchase from the barbs they have. best As a part of personal protection gear, ballistic face masks are made in a way to protect the face of the wearer from explosives, shrapnel and other such ballistic threats. This thread is archived. A few months ago I was at a flea market and found an older American Body Armor & Equipment ballistic face mask for five bucks. Summary [edit | edit source]. 08. A ballistic mask designed to protecta serviceman from a bullet wound in the face and head. There have been issues with tasers not performing well simply because of leather jackets and other thicker clothing so I would hazard a guess that overall it would be ineffective. The Ballistic Face Mask Before the Respawnables 3. save hide report

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